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Our Services

Being in the crypto industry for 5+ years, ICG has served more than 20 clients with high-quality crypto financial services. ICG is commited to consistantly contributing to the entire industry with our real passion, rich experience, and advanced expertise.

Advanced Market Making

ICG’s market-making expertise provides the best services:

1) Provide Liquidity

2) Stabilize Price

3) Downside Risk Management

4) Secondary Market Consulting

Web3 Development

ICG has been working with several famous DeFi, NFT, and Web3 projects on advanced Web3 implementations, leveraging React, Solidity, GraphQL, Amplify and other development tools.

Algo Prop Trading

ICG has been doing algo prop trading since 2017, and is managing several million dollars for high-frequency trading.

Market Intelligence

ICG is continuously adding insights to the fast-evolving crypto industry, including research on crypto-related macroeconomics, various eco key players, innovative project depth research and more.

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